One time I sat on a fallen tree for what seemed like hours, waiting for something to happen. I had a fairly good view of a swampy area. The tree I was on was high enough so that my feet were just above the leaves, so I could move them around a little without making any noise. Eventually, the chickadees started fluttering around, and the squirrels started chattering in the trees. Little rustlings here and there from unseen birds or animals kept me thinking that maybe there was a deer just out of my sight. I heard something which sounded large moving around in the swampy area in a thicket, but I never saw what it was. After a while of listening to unseen sounds, there was a noise right under my boot, even though I wasn't moving it. Some leaves rustled there, and a mouse came cautiously out from the leaves below my boot. At that point I figured I wasn't doing anything wrong from the quietness standpoint if a mouse would think it's ok to come out from under my foot, and there must be a problem with the sitting and waiting approach to deer hunting.
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