got that?
yessir i have a diknose
now at least
yes let me open and look at it.
thaarts very nasty
did ewe laf
i smiled 
that happens when you already know the joke (lookin in mirror)
i was just explaining something to Antony the guy who is here also
what were you explaining?
something about Quark XPress, but I didn
t do a very good job I guess.
If I wrote fuck up, antony, would he see that and do it?
not likely, he might look over here but he's at the other machine now, I could
make it speak that though, but I bet I won't.
oh, please, for me just try
who are you?
your mudder, and I want you home o
I'm not going to come homo.
is every one in vabeech insubordinate?
no, few are, many are military and quite subordinate>
or subnormal at least, or bored
or sexually repressed like me.
or sexually like johnny cash who is now on the radio and also inconcert at Car
niggy hall
wow, i have a cash cd of american recordings .
but why wont he gohomoo
antony cash
or check.
lease tavall
to let toilet.
telly savallest
cue balls
cute balz
qupeed in yer pantz
speed in spants
weed in worts
hey i am going to send you a disk with sex and death on it ok?
as long as it dont smeell suspishis
ok, it will not smell anything, and i could also send you hard copy but you can
make your own.
or see it on tv if i leased one
or rent to own.
or rent a town
or wrent a town
or rent garments and tour out hair
or a rented tuxedo to the county fair
or unfairly rented a tour boad and soaked my tuxed in shirt tales
thats unfair to reenter the tear
tear as in eyes, though
tare as in wait a second or two
or minute minutes
or minutes seconds degrees and learning in degrees
in a minaret
wanna bet?
Ill go to bet later
so would i 
me two
me only one
where is antony fuck him
he is from britain
make it voice
nope, fuck yourself
ok and then yes?
no, but did i tell you that the size of your my penis is larger than mine?
sor t of but I looked at your penitz cazt and even when corrected for mold
distortions its still bigger n myne
but when i held it up next to the other one of mine cast in flesh, the flesh one
is smaller than the plaster.
but did you have the flesh chicken choked down like when the plaster one was
no, but did you?
oh butt of course
hard but not choked
it makes alot of difference I butt
in butt?
whatr you gonna do with your new diknose kit?
i dunno yet, i haven't had an erection all evening yet.
I suggest you try to make a three dimensional rendition of the photo proto
based on the photo or based on the flesh?
based on your faced
i don't know if i can face up to the task
ok, perhaps we can find someone to execute it for you
i want to keep it alive
but that cant always be dine
dine? sounds scrumptious.
yes, and it was an accident too
an saccidental execution 
serendipitously dine.
Ill be serendipt in shit
dine on that.
you can bank on it
in that case, would you be encased in shit?
I would be embanked in an embankment of shitcaes
i want to be embalmed in a bank of shitcases.
I want to be encumbered with shitcakes
i want to be emboldened in shit lakes
I want to be enumerated in shitfakes
i want to be embroidered in shitlace
oh thats too fuckin good
i am proud of myself for it. shit.
I laugh 
i smile with breath.
I eat shit
I taste it in my mouth with my toungue
make it talk
wia wyatt.earp
it has started talking from dine on.
aks antony to dine on it
nope, hey this is a long dickstance phone call, if you were on the internet we o
could prolly do this with the internet 'talk' function.
yeah, it's likely
yeah,  but guess wat
yeah, but I and we aint
yeah, I know.
yeah, it is one of  them things
yeah, mebbe you two should get on.
yeah, and each other too.
yeah, and on it to boot
yeah, with boot straps of leather
yeah, pull em up to it
yeah, crotch high.
yeah, way up on your own ones
yeah, oh yeah.
yeah, yes 
yeah, well i just drank a can of sustacal which contains 14.5 g protein.
yeah, well I just downed a spoonful of new york super fudge chunk shit
yeah, down where?
yeah, you know where?
yeah, you wish I know where?
yeah, you know I do
yeah, yeah.
yeah, and my bitchs got a yeasty gash
yeah, make some bread or beer and eat drink and be mary.
yeah, only this aint the kind of yeast that makes keilbasa rise
yeah, does it rise to other occasions?
yeah, occasionally it rises to the pinnacle 
yeah, of it's own accord?
yeah, and pinoccole
yeah, i don't know niccole
yeah, she peed in her knuckle
yeah, niccole peed in her nick hole?
yeah, then her nepalnipple
yeah, what color, a little read one?
yeah, that collar
yeah, ring around it?
yeah, cok ring
yeah, rings my bells.
yeah, warms my cockholes
yeah, warn me when your cockhole warms.
yeah, worm my frock pole
yeah, worm in my ap hole
yeah, warm up my stock mole, but I gotta goh
ok boy,kme two ok and gubby and i'll facts you and mail you and etc.
yeah, n c ya and nice typing to ya
yeah, bye

yeah, see ya