I was looking for some pictures of beans on toast and I couldn't find any nice unadulterated ones really quicklike, so I decided to put some up here.

Here are Heinz Baked Beans being warmed in a pot. Accept no substitute. Unfortunately Heinz beans are difficult to find in the USA, and we've yet to find an american made substitute. American baked beans seem to all have pork, smoke and/or molasses flavors, which can be ok if you like that, but they aren't the pure tomato sauce bean goodness required for delicious beans on toast.
heinz beans getting ready to be on toast

Here are beans on toast. You may see evidence in the image of fried eggs on other parts of the plate, which can be a delightful accompaniment, if you're partial to such things. Use a knife and fork to eat beans on toast.
Beans on Toast being eaten

Beans on toast, consumption under way. Note the knife and fork. Also note the tins of British Heinz Baked Beans. These were ordered from some "british food" market on the web, of which there are many. Publix supermarkets has/had them, at least in parts of Florida (but they might be the Canadian kind). Matt got some authentic cans of Heinz Baked Beans in Florida and shipped them to us.
Beans on Toast with cheddar cheese

Unadulterated beans on toast is good, but beans on toast with cheese is better. If you like cheese, that is. Cheddar cheese is suggested by the author.
Beans on Toast

Beans on toast with cheese is delicious. Put some Maldon Sea Salt on, and some freshly ground pepper; it's practically a delicacy.
Beans on Toast

See the flakes of sea salt? The ground peppercorn? The golden brown toast? The savory beans? You want some.
Beans on Toast with grated cheddar cheese, maldon's sea salt, freshly ground pepper

Here is an authentic Heinz Baked Beans label. Be careful of the Canadian version, they may not be equivalent.
Heinz Baked Beans (British)

Some people like to eat their beans with hot sauce.

Perhaps I'd like to see your beans on toast pictures and/or hear your beans on toast stories, should you have any.

Here's a beans on toast picture story.