On machines running Mac OS 9.1 sometimes websites perform better in Netscape than Internet Explorer 5.1.7, but Netscape 4.8 is too old to render them properly, so I downloaded and installed Netscape 6.2. Every time Netscape started, it would take a long time and display a dialog with the message "activation.netscape.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again." and I'd have to hit OK to let it continue starting up.
After some searching, I found that there is a file named "all-ns.js" which contains the following line:
pref("browser.registration.enable", true);
if you use a text editor to change that line to:
pref("browser.registration.enable", false);
Netscape will no longer try to connect to the non-existent host, so there will be no dialog and startup will be faster. The all-ns.js file is in the "pref" folder, which is in the "defaults" folder, which is in the Netscape Application folder which is usually named "Netscape Folder".

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