rsnapshot multiple arguments in rsync_long_args

note that rsync_long_args will replace other arguments, e.g. -rsync_long_args=--exclude=/media/* will replace previous rsnapshot exclude arguments

use +rsync_long_args to add them without overwriting previous

also, if you want to add multiple long args for rsync, separate them with a space. this is why the rsnapshot.conf file requires tabs between its options, so spaces can be used as delimiters within each option section.

for example: +rsync_long_args=--exclude=/media/* --bwlimit=200

in an rsnapshot.conf line:

backup	+rsync_long_args=--exclude=/media/* --bwlimit=200

the same line, below, showing tabs in green, space in red
backup	+rsync_long_args=--exclude=/media/*	--bwlimit=200

use the -t option to see what will happen
e.g. rsnapshot -t daily

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