971202 nice talkin to you buddy, just got back from court, the judge was nice, i was in front of her for about thirty seconds after waiting over half an hour, i plead guilty, i guess, she asked if i had gotten it fixed and i said right away, she asked if i had a receipt for getting the headlight fixed, and i said no it was just a fuse and my brother fixed it, i'll take your word for it she said and she promptly dismissed the charge, i wonder if officer o'hara was pissed
i just asked ross if he had anything to tell you, ross said, "tell him to keep his tits in his pants"

971125 as per your message of today [see below] ross the elder said "yah"
  Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 15:21:50 -0800

  Subject: ross

  is this the model he was talking about?
  harvey that is

971125 as per your message of today [see below] ross the elder said "been there, done that" and what are you doing sending from pacific time zone
  Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 15:17:00 -0800

  Subject: rebirth-338 

  tell ross to go to this website
  scrumptiously yours
971121 phone bill due today, both of these things have a pixture of our aged buddy john, you get what two hours of him thrice a week or so and i get like half an hour once a week if i am up at four thirty in the morning
but wait, it seems they have a show on realaudio but i dont know if it's current and rotating or an example or what but im listening to it right now
http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/arts/highlights/001024_peel.shtml worldservice - this link stopped working

say hello to kirsty, is she blushing
mike wants to know if you know any one named Scot

right so i had these couple of dreams one night and in one i was back in scotland and i had this strange bicycle with incredibly narrow wheels like some sort of racing bike but it was old and heavy and clunky and i was riding it and i wanted a drink so i stopped at this pub and i asked for a whisky and the man put it down in front of me in a dirty glass and it was cloudy and i looked over to see a guy at one of the tables tearing a sign down off the wall but before he tore it down i saw it said something like whisky £40 bottle large £30 bottle small £10 glass and the guy who gave me the whisky had walked away but i said hey how much is this and he said ten pounds and i said no way am i paying ten pounds for a glass of whisky and i walked out and got on the bike and rode away, later in that dream i saw a black man lying in a garden behind a house and he seemed to be injured and i told someone about it and told them to call an ambulance or something but then some cops showed up and they seemed to want to arrest me.
in the other dream you and i were driving around in the highlands in a motor home the size of a bus and it was difficult to drive the huge thing on the narrow roads but then it was your turn to drive and i went in to the back to take a nap while you drove and a while later i heard someone taking a shower and it was you, you had just walked away from the drivers seat while we were driving down the road and started taking a shower and the motor home was still driving along but without a driver and it had hit a bump or something which caused the wheel to turn and it was just driving in slow circles while you took a shower and i tried to sleep

Heres what the man said that one time when he was in your neck, the ger man:
Re: pisling
jock piss is like mick piss only it's not mick piss but jock piss
mcewans would be jock and guiness mick piss
i reckon its sort of very derogatory
i tried and contact lil ross but no soap
i couldnt find his number and checked the white pages
there was an earl of lauderdale and two numbers one s. and one something else no r and i tried both but there was no connection
it was a good trip
i was on a good trip
i am reading irvine welsh's ecstasy and like it

970926 I guess it's hard to send you email, so i think from now on, if I want to get a message to you, I'll just put it up here on the web, how about that. Your special personal very own URL is going to be http://www.pinn.net/~harvey/rossl.html so just go there to check for messages. I'm going to delete the link to it from the home page tho, so you'll have to type it in or bookmark it ok. And you'll have to hit reload and check your caching to make sure you get the updated version maybe. Send me a message if you want. Oh and did you ever look at this page?

oh, and check out this internet erection